Inspection Report Of DM

Inspection Report:23/03/2021

Inspection Report (Inspection of ARTO,DSO,and Asst.Labour Commissioner Office:08/03/2021

Inspection Report(Inspection of Road from Abedkar Park to Star chowraha Rampur(10/03/2021)

Inspection of Tehsil Bilaspur(10/04/2021)

Inspection Report(Inspection of CHC Bilaspur 07/04/2021)

Inspection Report(Inspection Of Nagar Palika Parishad Bilaspur 10/04/2021)

Inspection Of CHC Shahabad(07/04/2021)

Inspection Report(Inspection Of Tehsil Tanda 01/04/2021)

Inspection Of Tanda Tehsil(01/04/2021)

Inspection Report(Inspection of Tehsil Shahabad 07/04/2021)

Inspection Of Bolck Bilaspur (10/04/2021)

Inspection Of CHC Swar(01/04/2021)

Inspection Of Nagar Palika Parishad Swar (01/04/2021)

Inspection of Nomination Place of Block Saidnagar during Panchayat election(01/04/2021)

Inspection Of Nomination Place of Swar Block during Pancahayt election(01/04/2021)

Inspection Of Nomination Place of saidnagar Block during Panchayat Election(01/04/2021)

Inspection Report of Village lalpur kalan Tehsil Tanda Block saidnagar(01/04/2021)

Inspection Report of Mandi samiti Tanda(01/04/2021)

Inspection report (Inspection of Tehsil Swar (01/04/2021)

Inspection Of Integrated Covid Command and Control Center(23/04/2021)

Inspection Report Regardin Covid control Room(23/04/2021)

Inspection Report Regarding Integrated Covid Command Control Room(23/04/2021)

Inspection Report Regarding Inspection Of  27-07-2021 on  Cow conservation center in tehsil shahabad

Inspection Report(16/12/2021)

Inspection Report(30/05/2023)