District Election Office Rampur

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District Election Office Rampur
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MLC Voter List Graduate Part-4 25/11/2022 View (130 KB)
Training for Polling Parties During Party Movement 21/11/2022 View (435 KB)
Zonal Magistrate Training 21/11/2022 View (208 KB)
Micro Observer Training 21/11/2022 View (29 KB)
Sector Magistrate Related Training 21/11/2022 View (404 KB)
Training Material Postal Ballot 21/11/2022 View (467 KB)
Training Material EVM 21/11/2022 View (4 MB)
Public Information Officer, Appellate Officer (Table III) 03/10/2022 View (356 KB)
Salary details Official Employee details of DEO Office (Table II) 03/10/2022 View (244 KB)
RTI Official Employee Details of ERO Office(Table-1) 03/10/2022 View (305 KB)