As per medieval history Rampur was the part of Delhi and was divided between Badaun and Sambhal
districts.   Being situated on upperside of  Rohilkhand, it was known by the name Kather and was ruled
by Katheria Rajputs. The Katheria Rajputs  fought for about  400  years with the rulers of Delhi and later
with Mughals. They fought with Naseeruddin Mahmood  in 1253, Gaisuddin Balwan in 1256, Jalaluddin
Firoz  in  1290,  Firoj Shah  in  1379 &  Sikander Lodhi   in  1494. In the beginning of Moghal period the
capital  of  Rohilkhand  was  changed  from  Badaun  to   Bareilly  and hence  the importance of Rampur

Before independence,  Rampur was an Estate ruled by Nawabs. The estate of Rampur was established
by Nawab Faizulla Khan on 7th October, 1774 in the presence of British Commander Colonel Champion.
The stone of Rampur city was laid in 1775 by Nawab Faizulla Khan. Originally it was a group of 4 villages
named  Kather  on  the  name  of  Raja Ram Singh. The  first  Nawab proposed the name of the estate as
Faizabad.  But many  other  places  were  known  by   the  name  Faizabad  so  its  name  was changed to
Mustafabad Alias RAMPUR. Nawab Faizulla Khan ruled for 20 years.  After  his   death his son  Mohd. Ali
Khan took over, but he was killed by Rohella Leaders after 24  days and declared Gulam Mohd. Khan  as
the Nawab, the brother of deceased. The Britishers did not like  this and after the rule  of 3  months  &  22
days defeated Gulam Mohd. Khan and made Ahmad Ali Khan S/o Late Mohd. Ali  Khan, the new Nawab.
He ruled for 44 years. He did not have any son. Mohd. Saeed Khan S/o Gulam Mohd. Khan   took over as
the new Nawab. He raised a regular Army. Established Courts and did many works to increase economic
conditions of farmers. His son Mohd. Yusuf Ali Khan took over after his death. His son Kalbey Ali became
the new Nawab after his death in 1865.

Nawab Kalbey Ali was a literate of Arabic & Persian. The estate did many works in uplifting the standard
of education.  He was also a member in the council of  Lord Lawrence.  He built Jama Masjid, Rampur in
Rs. 3 Lakhs. He was bestowed with the honor of Sir in Agra by the Prince of Vales. He ruled for 22 years
& 7 months. After his death his son  Mustaq Ali Khan  took over.    He appointed  W.C.Right  as the Chief
Engineer of the estate. He built many new buildings and canals. Nawab Hamid Ali became the   new ruler
in 1889 at the age of 14. During his period industrial revolution took place in Rampur.   Many new schools
were opened. Lots of donations were provided to nearby  colleges.  He donated Rs. 50,000  to Lucknow
Medical College. His son Raza Ali Khan became the last ruling Nawab in 1930.  On July 1, 1949   Estate
Rampur was merged in Republic of India.